Secret Shopper Review of Resume Workshop – August 2018 / posted 10/24/18

Secret Shopper Review of Resume Workshop – August 2018

Did you know that many employers take 8-15 seconds to skim over a resume before they read through it? In that time, if they decide they don’t like what they see, they will throw it away.

Hi, It’s Mitch Hilt again, the CareerLink® Social Media intern. The second workshop I sat in was our resume workshop. If you have trouble coming up with what to put on a resume, this workshop is definitely something you should check out. A strong resume with relevant information is important, however, coming up with resume worthy information is sometimes difficult.

This workshop will help show you the do’s and dont’s of creating a resume. You’ll learn how certain words you use can help or hurt your chances of getting hired. Interestingly, you will learn how less information is better. Did you know that a resume should only be 1-2 pages long? The workshop will also help you learn about cover letters and what to put in them.

What’s important to keep in mind with this workshop is that the instructor does not have time before, during, or after the workshop to look over the resume you may come in with. There is a specific resume critique workshop in which you can have your resume reviewed by another.

I found this workshop to be extremely beneficial, especially as a college student. My instructor was enthusiastic about teaching this course. There were many people in the course with quite a few of them having questions that sparked great discussions about real-world experience.