Secret Shopper Review of Digital Literacy Workshop – July 2018 / posted 07/18/18

Secret Shopper Review of Digital Literacy Workshop – July 2018

My name is Mitchel Hilt and I’m a Millersville University student interning at PA CareerLink® Lancaster County. I quickly discovered some of the awesome resources CareerLink® offers to the public. I decided it would be fun to visit the offered workshops as a “secret shopper” and sit in on some of the workshops incognito. The first one I sat in on that I think is extremely beneficial to the public is the Digital Literacy workshop. Digital Literacy is held every Tuesday at 1pm.

Has it been awhile since you’ve brushed up on your computer skills? Have you had little to no interaction with computers what so ever? This easy-to-follow course is for you!

Nowadays, computers are integrated into every aspect of our lives. Whether you’re still in school, at work, or even at home, you will most likely be interacting with a computer to some degree (if you’re like me, too much). Computers can be scary! The goal of this workshop is to build your confidence by giving you a basic understanding of computers as well as how they operate.

The Digital Literacy workshop consists of a series of grouped modules that you’ll work on at your own pace. To get a firsthand experience, I visited the workshop as a secret shopper to get an insight on what the workshop is about. Even using computers my whole life, I found that I learned a thing or two, especially about some of the technical jargon involved with the hardware and software of computers. This module consisted of five categories:

Roles of Computers
Common Computer Terminology
Computer Performance & Features
Computer Operating Systems
Career Opportunities

This is not a traditional lecture based class. You’ll be in CareerLink’s computer lab working on an easy to follow outline to brush up your computer skills, learn to navigate Windows 8, and  even what the parts of a mouse do. My workshop instructor, Tammy, was happy to help any of the folks that may have had a problem while working on their modules. She was enjoyable and very good at her job!

I would highly suggest this workshop to anyone that feels that their computer skills are not up to par.  Come in and check out the FREE Digital Literacy workshop at CareerLink® to help boost your skills and confidence with using computers!