Employment Advancement and Retention Network (EARN)/Work Ready

A supportive team helping you address barriers to employment

Employment Advancement and Retention Network (EARN)/Work Ready

The Employment Advancement and Retention Network (EARN)/Work Ready programs are designed to provide comprehensive activities and services to individuals newly applying for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefits, as well as, on-going TANF benefit recipients. The SNAP program serves clients who are receiving SNAP benefits who needs support in finding employment.

The goal of these service offerings is to provide clients with the resources, hands-on experiences, training, and networking opportunities necessary to obtain employment and leads to in-demand jobs with family sustaining wages. Each program focuses on empowerment, education and training, and employment.

In EARN/Work Ready, a devoted team of Career Coaches will first assist clients in the stabilization of barriers to employment

  • Lack of dependable child care
  • Finding services for a special need’s child
  • Lack of transportation/Driver’s License
  • Housing issues
  • A criminal background
  • Applying for Disability/Unemployment

Once a client’s barriers are stabilized, the Career Coaches will focus on supporting the client to participate in variety of activities such as community service, HSE (High School Equivalency) classes, post-secondary education and skill training with the goal of gaining skills, obtaining job references, filling employment history gaps improving a client’s opportunities to find employment with family sustaining wages in high priority occupations.

Clients who need more intensive support to resolve barriers or to overcome a crisis have access to our Workforce Counselor who works hand in hand with our clients to create a clear action plan to resolve barriers, connect clients with appropriate community resources, and offer the client more one-on-one time and extra support.

Clients will receive one-on-one career navigation and support with guidance on:

  • Career planning
  • Resume creation
  • Interview coaching

There is a wide variety of workshops available to clients that focus on specialized topics spanning from cognitive behavioral therapy to budgeting to drug and alcohol recovery to communication and parenting. They are encouraged to participate in a weekly client advisory board during which time they are able to share feedback about the program, guide staff on what new workshops and activities they would like to see and share their experiences with each other.

When our clients are ready to focus on job searching, they will receive support from our Workforce Development Specialist who will assist them individually with finding employment and job leads that align with their unique employment goals.

Job retention is a critical part of the EARN/Work Ready program, and related activities and incentives are designed to encourage clients to maintain employment. This leads to an increased likelihood of self-sufficiency through opportunities for career advancement, increased wages and long term for success for clients and their families.