Re-Entry/Returning Citizens

Landing a job with a criminal background

Re-Entry Employment Program

We support clients who are returning citizens or identify that having a criminal background has been a barrier to finding employment. Our Re-Entry Employment Program is designed to get clients into a job where they can make a living wage and progress in their career.

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Benefits of working with us:

  • Individualized Career Counseling and planning
  • Access to GED Preparation and testing if needed
  • Employability skills and hard skills training-remove the remainder of the sentence
  • On-the-job training opportunities
  • Personal Business Service Representative, Job Placement, and Retention Services: which includes employer outreach and client advocacy for job openings
  • The possibility for fully-funded occupational skills training offered through schools like Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology, Lancaster County Career and Technology Center, and many other reputable training providers

Re-Entry program and services:

  • PA CareerLink® Lancaster County, supported by the Workforce Development Board of Lancaster and the PA Department of Labor and Industry, is one of the only American Job Centers or CareerLink® in the nation to have an entire department dedicated to this issue and the workforce development of the Returning Citizen Population and individuals who self-identify as being affected by the justice system.
  • The services and programs provided through this department and highly trained staff undoubtedly makes an impact on the individuals that it serves, their families, and local community on many levels, including positively affecting our local economy and community safety, as someone who is gainfully employed is invested in the community and much less likely to recidivate (reoffend).
  • The core goal of all programming available through Re-Entry Services at PA CareerLink® Lancaster County is assisting clients earn full-time life-sustaining employment where they can continue to progress in their career.
  • The Re-Entry Services Department serves clients through the Re-Entry Employment Program, which is a voluntary workforce development programming open to the public.
  • In all cases, clients go through strategic and evidence based programming which entails foundation skills, soft skills, and hard skills, all while having the support of all staff including a Re-Entry Career Navigator and Re-Entry Business Services Representative, who connects the clients directly to employers and advocates for them once “job ready.”
  • The staff also works with clients after earning employment to ensure that it is retained and exemplary job performance continues.

Pardons & Expungements

If your criminal record is getting in the way of getting a job, securing housing, or continuing your education, we can help.

Do I qualify?

  • Do you have a criminal record in Pennsylvania?
  • Has it been at least 3 years since you completed your sentence (including probation or parole)?
  • Has your record been clean since your last arrest?

What is the Pardon Project?

  • We are a community of dedicated community aid agencies, lawyers, and volunteers working together to help people complete the Pardon Applications process so they have a clean record.
  • We also help former offenders complete the Expungement process – this is the paperwork which must be filed with the court after the Pardon is granted in order to remove the crime from your record.

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