Personalized Services

One-on-One employment assistance for job seekers

Personalized Services at CareerLink are for those job seekers who want one-on-one assistance. Personalized services include the development of an individualized employment plan (IEP) with a Career Navigator. The Career Navigator will walk side by side with you during your job search.

Personalized Service Benefits

  • Access to intensive job search instruction through our Career Connections program
  • Special workshops only available to those enrolled in Personalized Services
  • Supportive services such as assistance with transportation or specialized work gear
  • On-the-job training opportunities
  • Online learning through Metrix Learning to close skills gap or secure an industry-recognized credential.
  • Post-secondary training in high-priority, in-demand occupations through accredited institutions

Career Navigation & Recruitment

Career Navigation

If you choose to receive Personalized Services through CareerLink®, you have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a Career Navigator. Your Navigator will take the time to review your goals and interests in order to develop an individualized plan. Working with a Career Navigator can lead to training opportunities, industry-recognized certifications, and job search assistance. The ultimate goal of working with a Career Navigator is to find full-time employment with a sustainable wage.

Recruiter Services

The Recruiter Services offered by  PA CareerLink® Lancaster of County provide job seekers with the opportunity to work one-on-one with a Recruiter who will assist individuals throughout the job search process. Recruiter Services include personalized job leads based on each person’s unique background, job search tips, interview techniques, and career development strategies and resources designed to aid each person with navigating their professional journey towards finding self-sustaining and fulfilling employment.

Skills Training


Are you looking to become better prepared for work and stand out to employers? Currently working, but looking for a better job?  Ready2Work is a skills assessment and workforce readiness program of  PA CareerLink® of Lancaster County. Ready2Work benefits give you access to various training opportunities, boosts your resume, and proves to employers that you have the skills they are looking for.

Metrix Learning

Learning online is an effective and convenient way to enhance your skills. With Metrix Learning, you will have access to self-paced, expert approved training for 180 days! Metrix Learning allows you to manage your own online training program. Over 4,500 courses are provided by Skillsoft, the training provider for more than half the Fortune 500 companies. Pass your courses with 80% or higher to earn a certificate of completion displaying your name, the course title, and the Skillsoft logo. You can download and print certificates to bring on interviews to show employers you have the skills they’re looking for! Access is available free through our SkillUp Lancaster initiative. Get started today by self-registering at SkillUpAmerica. Additonal Metrix licences specializing in the Medical or Manufacturing fields are available through your Career Navigator upon request.

Individual Training Accounts

If you are looking to gain new skills or enhance skills you already have by obtaining a post-secondary credential, PA CareerLink® can assist by funding up to $10,000 towards an approved training in a high-priority, in-demand occupation at an accredited institution. Trainings range from single day classes to Associate Degrees. To view eligible trainings, visit PA CareerLink

Career Connections & Networking

Career Connections

The Career Connections Program and the Job Search Center is a personalized service introducing customers to an effective job searching model that energizes their efforts. Service highlights include a 4-day intensive training workshop, access to a recruiter, continued job search planning and the opportunity to attend networking sessions. Guided exercises help to uncover or rediscover marketable talents and class topics include networking, interview techniques, follow-up tactics and salary negotiation tips. Empowered with the tools to conduct a successful job search, customers continue to use support services until they secure employment.


The weekly Networking Workshops hosted by the PA CareerLink® of Lancaster County provide job seekers with an opportunity to share in a sense of community as individuals from all professional backgrounds come together to offer each other assistance and support through the job search process. Each hour-long workshop affords members the chance to practice their elevator speech, share their job leads with others, and develop professional contacts across multiple career fields. All members receive personalized feedback on their elevator speech and are provided with a platform to express their expertise as well as request individualized assistance for their professional needs. Multiple discussion topics centered around job search tips, interview techniques, and career development strategies are the focus of these sessions. Success stories are also shared and celebrated by the group.