Candidate Assessment & Testing Services

Individualized to your organization's needs

The Business Services Team at PA CareerLink® of Lancaster County will work with you to find the best assessment tool to suit your individual needs as an employer

ACT WorkKeys® Assessments

ACT WorkKeys® Assessments measure the most important workplace skills affecting an individual’s job performance, including:

  • Applied Math
  • Graphic Literacy
  • Workplace Documents

Ready2Work Program

At Lancaster CareerLink®, candidates can complete the Ready2Work program which combines a candidate's successful completion of the WorkKeys Assessments as well as competency in the following "soft skills" through Metrix Online Learning.

  • Attitude
  • Communication
  • Planning and Organizing
  • Critical Thinking
  • Interpersonal/Social Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Professionalism
  • Media Rules

A Ready2Work graduate from PA CareerLink® Lancaster County has the foundational skills needed to be successful.

IBM Kenexa Prove-It Employee Assessments

Today, quality of hire is more important than speed of hire. Partnering with CareerLink® and Metrix Learning, we are able to offer IBM Kenexa Prove-It Employee Assessments. These assessments use behavioral science techniques to measure traits, skills, and culture fit of each candidate and employee. A team of I/O psychologists and 30+ years of behavioral science expertise have ensured the portfolio - which can easily complement your existing assessments solutions – includes: job evaluation tools to help predict executive performance; functional behavior assessments to find the best fit for hourly employees; skills assessments help you sift through talent pools; and valid and legally defensible assessments. There is currently no cost to utilize these assessments.