Road to Employment

Written by Michelle Deller on Wednesday, 02 July 2014 17:01.

RoadYour quest for employment has landed you on the doorstep of the PA CareerLink. Peering in through the windows, you may wonder what goes on inside and how will you come out of the doors with a job.

Following this recommended path below has led 84% of job seekers coming to the PA CareerLink to employment. We think that's a pretty great success rate for helping people find employment, especially considering the state of the economy over the last few years.

1. Attend a Career Planning Seminar

This will give you an overview of the services available at the PA CareerLink. Held 3 times every week, and an evening session to accommodate various schedules.

2. Meet with a Re-Employment Career Coach

Following the Career Planning Seminar you will sign up for an appointment with a Career Coach. They will help to guide you through the services at the PA CareerLink and work with you to develop a plan towards employment.

3. Training and Workshops

Your Career Coach will review your employment goals and current skills to determine if there is a training course available to enhance your employability. We have a number of short-term trainings available to help you obtain current credentials. Anyone can take advantage of the Resume Workshop, Applications & Interviewing Workshop, and several others designed to prepare you for the job search.

4. Join the Job Search Center

In the Job Search Center, 84% of customers find employment, and most do so in 3 months or less. The national average for finding employment is 9 months, that's a big difference especially considering there is 6 month earning potential loss. Through networking and uncovering the hidden job market, the Job Search Center teaches proven methods for helping individuals gain employment.

Every week people exit the PA CareerLink with employment, ranging in wages from minimum wage to $60/hour or more. Get connected with your Re-Employment Career Coach and start the process to shorten your job search. Allow us to make your employment our business!


Fourteen Lancaster County Residents Graduate from Construction 101

Written by Scott Sheely on Monday, 30 June 2014 18:25.

Lancaster: On Friday, June 27, 2012, fourteen Lancaster residents graduated from Construction 101, a pre-apprenticeship program for careers in the construction industry that is co-sponsored by the Lancaster County Workforce Investment Board and Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology in partnership with Lancaster County Adult Probation and Parole Services and the PA CareerLink of Lancaster County at a ceremony held at Stevens College.  Click here to see more photos.

Those graduating included Chadd Chalfant, Cinty Finkbinder, Zachary Groft, Brad Kauffman, Steven Michels, Thomas Morrison, Mike Murphy, Mike Murrey, Tuan Nguyen, Angel Rivera, Annette Rosa, Ramon Santiago, Nelson Steffieri, and Jay Williams. Angel Rivera was the Most Improved Student. Steve Michels was also selected as Most Outstanding. Chadd Chalfant, Nelson Staffieri, Steve Michels, Thomas Morrison, and Angel Rivera were recognized for their Perfect Attendance.

Participants completed a six-week program of classroom instruction and on-the-job training that qualifies them to work in the construction industry and that provides a curriculum which is at the introductory core of the apprenticeship programs for carpenters, electricians, masons, plumbers, HVAC, and other construction careers. Coursework includes safety, hand and power tools, construction math, and other topics.

Get Ready For Lancaster's Largest One-Day Job Fair

Written by Michelle Deller on Thursday, 20 February 2014 20:02.

Snowy CL sign smallLancaster: Step outside and you can feel it, smell the air and you know it's coming, snow! The reports say it's coming and going to be big, but you're just not sure how to prepare... Run out and buy milk, bread, and eggs like everyone else? You have a basic shovel and will wield it with all the strength you can muster, but this is going to be a big storm and you let your gym membership run out months ago. You wonder if it might be time to retool (with a snow blower) before the storm hits and the sight of your car buried in gleaming, white, frozen water particles overwhelms you.

Preparing for the Job Fair is a little like getting ready for a major snowstorm. The reports tell you March 12 is the big day. Your tool, the resume, is ready to shovel through the crowd and serve as a flat representation of culmination of your life's work. Yet, you can help but wonder if there is something else that you should be doing to prepare for the Job Fair.

Research the companies. Starting on Facebook, we will release the names of companies planning to attend, and then about a week before the Job Fair we will post a list of the companies on Go to the company website and find out what positions they have open. Use resources like and Reference USA (currently available through your Public Library membership) to find out details about the company. Armed with this knowledge you can target the companies that with the culture and positions that match your skills.

Focus your résumé. Once you know which companies to target at the Job Fair, make sure your résumé highlights the skills for the job they have open. You may need to have multiple versions of your résumé so you are sure to directly relate your skills to the job.

Develop your pitch. When you approach an employer's table at the Job Fair, what are you going to say? Developing an "elevator pitch" will help you to clearly communicate what kind of job you are looking for and what skills you bring to the table. It could also help ease the nervousness of approaching the employer.

Getting ready for the Job Fair does not have to be as overwhelming and difficult as preparing for the next major snow storm (is it wrong to hope for one more?). Attend our Résumé Workshop and other workshops to help you present your best (employable) self!

3 Ways to Find Employment Quicker Than Everyone Else

Written by Michelle Deller on Friday, 07 February 2014 20:18.

PA CareerLinkLancaster: What is the best way to job search? Get on a computer and search Volunteer at several local organizations and hope one of them likes you enough to offer you a job? Sit in a coffee shop and strike up conversations in the hopes of networking your way to a new career?

If we surveyed 100 people about how they found their current job, we'd probably get a wide variety of answers. The best way to job search depends greatly on your career field, job market, technology innovations, and your network, among many other factors.

However, at the PA CareerLink, we've noticed some common threads to those finding jobs more quickly than the national average (which sits around 9 months).

1. Have a solid resume!

No matter how vast or sparse your work experience and education are, creating an organized and error-free resume is critical to being considered for the job. Take the time to craft a good document that will highlight your skills and accomplishments. The PA CareerLink offers a Resume Workshop and a Quick Resume Review workshop to help individuals develop and receive feedback on their resumes. Use numbers whenever possible to highlight your accomplishments, it helps to quantify your successes.


2. Get a support network!

Every day a group gathers in the Job Search Center at the PA CareerLink to share job leads, encourage each other in their job search, and provide accountability to keep pressing on towards the employment goal. Staff in the Job Search Center also provide support for resume writing, conduct mock interviews to build confidence, and organize networking events with area employers. 84% of the participants found employment while enrolled in the Job Search Center in 2013, with a majority of them finding employment in 3.5 months (well below the national average). Having support and encouragement go a long way in boosting your job search.

3. Find the unadvertised jobs!

Did you know that 80% of jobs go unadvertised? That means job boards and newspapers never find out about these jobs, they are filled before they need to be posted. In the Job Search Center, the first week is dedicated to training with an emphasis on learning techniques to uncover these "hidden" jobs.

To learn more about the Job Search Center and other programs available at the PA CareerLink, attend a Career Planning Seminar (held 3 times per week). Call 717.509.5613 to reserve your seat! Our goal is to help you find employment!


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