CareerLink Success Story, Meet Tom

Written by Eric Brobst on Friday, 17 April 2015 19:13.

The first story in our 'Success Story' series comes from Thomas Scarsella. 

Meet Thomas Scarsella
Scarsella had worked in the Navy, the Medical sector, and in various sales positions throughout his career. 

He came to the PA CareerLink of Lancaster County in September 2014 after receiving a notice from the Unemployment office. This notice indicated that he was required to attend the Profile Re-Employment Program's orientation at the CareerLink. 

Prior to receiving this notification, Scarsella had never thought to seek re-employment assistance at the CareerLink. 

Scarsella's CareerLink Experience
After his initial orientation, Scarsella met with Veterans Employment Reps, Richard Boyer and Reggie Jones. They advised he attend the Resume Workshop and enroll in the Job Search Center (JSC). 

Mr. Scarsella says that he enjoyed his time in the JSC and that he learned about job searching skills but most of all, he learned a lot about himself. 

He also enjoyed taking the Program Management Metrix Learning course, as well as brushing up on his Math skills through the WIN program. 

How He Found His Next Job
One day while job searching in the Career Resource Center (CRC), a CRC helper named Russell Jackson tapped Scarsella on the shoulder. 

"Russell tapped me on the shoulder and recommended I research Civil Service employment, particularly the Income Maintenance Case Worker position with the Department of Human Services. Russell briefly described the position and the requirements, and I registered for the Civil Service test that instant." 

After taking the train to the Civil Service testing facility and obtaining two interviews in Chester and Lancaster Counties, Scarsella was hired by the Department of Human Services at the Lancaster County Assistance Office as an Income Maintenance Case Worker. He begins his employment on Monday April 20, 2015. 

Would He Recommend CareerLink to Others?
"I loved it here! CareerLink was like a second home to me while I was job searching. I'd recommend this to everyone!"

Success Stories

Written by Eric Brobst on Friday, 17 April 2015 16:15.

Lancaster, PA - The PA CareerLink of Lancaster County sees hundred of individuals per week who seek re-employment services such as our Job Search Center or the Ready2Work Program. 

Starting on Monday, we will feature success stories of CareerLink participants. If you have a sucess story, please send us an e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We would love to hear from you!

Spring Job Fair 2015 Report

Written by Alicia Davidson on Tuesday, 24 March 2015 15:39.

Overview of the Spring 2015 Job Fair


The March 2015 Job Fair consisted of 64 hiring employers. Sixty-six tables were sold, however two employers, Lancaster General Health and Manpower did not show up the day of the event. Additionally seven tables consisting of partners, internal programs, CareerLink, and one community agency, The Community Action Program of Lancaster (WIC) rounded out the participants for a total of 73 tables.

Charts representing 36 responses from the Employer Survey are included in the document below along with open ended comments.



Information regarding year to year attendance comparisons along with a breakdown of the type of jobseekers participating, is represented in the following two charts. Additional charts show results of the Jobseeker Survey as represented by the 369 responses out of 1,029 participants. A summary of comments is also provided.

This report contains information related to the March 11, 2015 Job Fair conducted at the PA CareerLink of Lancaster County. Additionally a summary of Jobseeker and Employer satisfaction survey results is included. Click here to open document.

Job Fair and Ready2Work Graduation Spring 2015

Written by Alicia Davidson on Monday, 16 March 2015 12:32.

Lancaster: On Wednesday, March 11, 2015, close to 1057 jobseekers attended the PA CareerLink of Lancaster County Job Fair.

Employment opportunities were represented in force by more than 60 employers, including Alcoa Mill Products, Buck Company, Clark Associates, Comcast Cable, Dentsply, Four Seasons Produce, Friendship Community, Forever 21, Fulton Bank, Hershey, Hollywood Casino, Kegel's Produce, Lowe's, McNeil Consumer Pharmaceuticals, Securitas Security Services, Stauffers of Kissel Hill, SuperValu, Tyson Foods, Urban Outfitters and Willow Valley Communities among many others.

Early entrance into the Job Fair was granted to the more than 30 Lancaster County residents that completed Ready2Work recently. A brief graduation was held at 8:30 am, acknowledging the accomplishment of the individuals listed below. Ready2Work provides an assessment of foundational skills; remediation in reading, mathematics, and using charts and graphs; and a review of work skills around attendance, managing conflict, working with others, being prepared for transportation and child care emergencies, managing time and money, and other important issues. Participants receive a Career Readiness Credential from the Workforce Investment Board and the Lancaster Chamber upon completion of the WorkKeys standardized test of workforce skills.

Enrollment in Ready2Work is open throughout the year by visiting the Lancaster County PA CareerLink. Contact the PA CareerLink at 717-509-5613 or 717-391-3570 (TTY) for more information about starting Ready2Work.


R2W Graduates included Muqdam Ahmed, Vincenza Anello, Jason Bachman, Jennifer Baez, Vicky Barker, William Beheler, Joel Bergman, Nedim Birtanir, Charles Bisking, Robert Brubaker, Felicia Burks, Erich Byers, Leah Byrdsell, Julee Campbell, Jennifer Castro, Michael Clark, Denise Coates, Kenneth Colon, Roberto Colon, Tricia Cooper, Jeron Copeland, Nakeisha Cowan, Joanna Craft, Joseph Cruz, Michael Cumberbatch Donna Dodson, Lindsay Donovan,Karl Dunkleberger, David Eller, Joel Figueroa, James Forry, Brian Fultz, Ed Gerlitzki, Sujeily Gonzalez, Ernest Green, John Green, Jeremy Hall, Britteny Hall, Diane Harris, Michael Harris, Shannon Heckstall, Steve Hedgepeth, Rebecca Hemperly, Jose Hernandez, Samiyyah Hill, Jessica Horst, Damaris Irizarry, Shauntae Jenkins, Brenda Jimenez, Brian Johnson, Travis Jones, Paul Judy, Nicole Kilhefner, Tasheima King, Patrick Kraus, Ken Krause, Seth Lins, Brock Long, Krista Loraw, Juan Machado, Chris Maguire, Roshella Marshall, Christy Martin, Melissia Mast, Michelle Mathers, Royal Mathers, Laura Mazzotta, Samantha McGinty, Juan Mejias, Felix Mendez, Kirk Middlekauff Derrick Moses Jack Moulton Abdelaziz Moutaabbid, Shakiyla Muhammad, Megan Murphy, Marquisha Myers, Kelly Negron, Clyde Neidermyer, Isabel Nieto, John Ortiz, Jorge Ortiz-Perez, Rachel Ostrander, Antonio Padilla, Mark Peifer, Tatiana Perez, Robert Plank, Kristopher  Pollock, Graham Rabey, Robert Reyes, Roxanne Richardson, Teresa Rios, Andrew Robinson, Luise Rodriguez, Matthew Rodriguez, Denise Roldan, Robert Roman, Lurianiz Rosario, Danielle Rowe, Robert Santiago,Elijah Santos, Krystle Schmidt, Bruce Seiple, Danielle Shaak, Samantha Sites, John Smeltzer, Brian Snavely, Phyllis Snyder, Milford Springer, Ramiro Taveras-Rivera, Jeremias Tirado, Marilyn Torres, Fawn Twyman, Kayeng Vang, Jasmine Vargas, Ismael Velez, Yasmin Visram, Altamese Wallace, Josh Weaver, Matthew Weaver, Leroy Wise Jr, Lauren Wood, Timothy Wright, Alexandria Yellets, Cindy Zook

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For additional pictures see Post by PA CareerLink of Lancaster County on Facebook.

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