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Written by Eric Brobst on Thursday, 02 July 2015 19:03.

We will close Friday, July 3, 2015 in observance of the Independence Day Holiday! We will re-open Monday, July 6, 2015 @ 8:30!

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Employee of the Month, July

Written by Eric Brobst on Wednesday, 01 July 2015 18:47.

We are pleased to announce that the PA CareerLink of Lancaster County's Staff Development Team has brought back the Employee of the Month program for the month of July!

Congratulations to all of the individuals who were nominated for Employee of the Month. We received many great nominations, and it shows us that our CareerLink staff are doing amazing things for each other and for our customers. 

It was a tough decision, but we decided two individuals stood out as the best of the recent nominations:

Tammy Garza and Cate Njue are July’s Co-Employees of the Month!!

Tammy's Nomination:

"I would like to recommend Tammy Garza as Employee of the Month. She has been doing 2 jobs in one for the last few months. She has taken over [for a co-worker who just resigned] as the instructor and conducting New Start Orientations for EARN participants. In the past she assisted with the Work Ready orientations as well. She works on various projects for me and she does it without hesitation and exceeds my expectations when the job is done. She coordinates the EARN and Work Ready events we have each month and she does a fabulous job every time. She goes above and beyond and does it effortlessly. An EARN participant just sent me an email saying how supportive and helpful she was. Support is one of our values and it is always great to hear this coming from our customers/participants. She is also one of our Job Developers and she finds the time to fulfill her duties there as well." - AnDionne Smith, Supervisor of the EARN/Work Ready Programs

Cate's Nomination:

"Cate came into the Work Ready Program in March. Since starting, she has continued to work hard every day to really “own” the work she does. She is a fast learner, and is always eager to take in new information at any chance. She takes constructive criticism well, and implements suggestions of ways to do things differently almost immediately. Her hard work shows with her participants. Just [recently] she had 3 of her clients successfully complete our program by working 30 or more hours a week for 4 consecutive weeks. This is just after 3 months! She is going to continue to do great things, and really help our Work Ready Program develop as we continue to move forward." - Joseph Jung, Work Ready Team Member

2015 STEM Works Industry Tours

Written by Eric Brobst on Monday, 29 June 2015 14:25.

Every June, for 3 days, the Lancaster County Workforce Investment Board sponsors the STEM Works Industry Tours.

These annual tours give local educators a chance to step outside the classroom and into local industries to learn about a variety of occupations, projected job growth, and new technology within Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) industries. 

This year, the STEM Works Industry Tours took place June 16, 17, and 18.

Hope Schmids, Youth Project Coordinator and the STEM Works Industry Tours Organizer, said, “We truly appreciate the local businesses who opened their doors and provided this unique opportunity for business and education to communicate about preparing our future workforce.”

Tuesday June 16
The Tours kicked off on Tuesday with two tours – Nxtbook Media and Spooky Nook Sports!

Nxtbook Media™ transforms print materials into dynamic online publications that leverage the power of the Web. More than two million readers enjoy nxtbooks every month, while publishers benefit from unique revenue opportunities and impressive reader engagement. An Inc. 500 company, Nxtbook Media™ provides cutting edge technology and unparalleled service.

Tour attendees learned about the Nxtbook Media’s history and mission. They were given a tour around the facility, with stops throughout the building in the Product Development/IT, Production, and Marketing Departments.

Attendees met with Nxtbook Media staff members and learned about what projects they are involved with, what education their jobs required, what experienced they needed, and advice for high school students or job seekers who may have interest in working for a company such as Nxtbook Media.

Spooky Nook Sports is the largest indoor sports complex in the United States, providing regulation courts and playing fields for more than a dozen sports under one roof. In addition to the 700,000-square-foot indoor facility, The Nook offers 50 acres of outdoor fields, making it a destination for clubs, tournaments and competitions. The facility also houses the Warehouse Hotel, as well as the new Fork & Pallet Restaurant.

Tour attendees were split into two large groups and learned about the climbing facilities, basketball courts, baseball clinics, and fitness areas, as well as the Field Hockey facilities – Spooky Nook Sports houses the USA Olympic Team.

The tour also included stops at the new Warehouse Hotel, as well as the soon-to-open Fork & Pallet Restaurant!

The tour concluded with a presentation by Spooky Nook’s Chief Financial Officer, IT Director, Business Development/Marketing Manager, and Fitness Director.

Each presenter explained their roles at Spooky Nook, as well their education and experience with regard to how interested high school students or job seekers could pursue those particular careers.

Wednesday June 17
The second day of Industry Tours included Mennonite Home Communities, ABC Keystone Chapter, and ITT Engineered Valves!

Mennonite Home Communities have reinvented the way it provides care for our elders. It has changed from the traditional nursing home setting to a household setting and incorporated a concept known as Person Centered Care. Person Centered Care is a philosophical approach to health care that gets to the heart of the matter - learning the residents' needs, wants, and making them feel truly, at home.

The second day started with a tour of Mennonite Home Communities. Tour attendees were guided by the Vice-President of Operations and the Director of Nursing throughout the innovative facility where residents are cared for in a new approach to nursing home care called Person-Centered Care.

Attendees learned of recent changes and future trends in the nursing home industry, as well as career opportunities and the education necessary to work at Mennonite Home Communities.

ABC Keystone represents over 600 construction-related firms locally and is part of a national association with 72 chapters representing more than 19,000 merit shop construction and construction-related firms. ABC Keystone members are involved in commercial, industrial, and institutional free enterprise construction throughout south central Pennsylvania. Housed in a brand new, state of the art 30,000 sq. ft. facility that features classrooms and is the base for the ABC apprenticeship program and provides training for every facet of the construction industry from safety, to blueprint reading, to healthcare construction, and even management education.

Attendees learned of a Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program Report that states, “nearly half of what will be the built environment in 2030 doesn’t yet exist.”

Another startling fact was presented by The Construction Labor Market Analyzer (2012), “In just the next five years, at least $2.5 trillion in non-residential construction spending will be realized nationwide and this in turn will drive the need for 6.8 million construction tradesmen by 2017.”

ABC Keystone Chapter tour attendees learned about ABC, construction careers, the state of the construction industry, ABC’s career paths, and post-secondary educational opportunities.

ITT Engineered Valves are essential equipment in industries ranging from mining to biopharmaceuticals, from nuclear operations to oil sands. With 65 years of experience in valve development, design, manufacturing, installation and automation, product offerings include market-leading industrial knife-gate and hygienic diaphragm valves.

Day 2’s final stop was at ITT Engineered Valves. Attendees learned about this unique manufacturing facility and learned firsthand about lean manufacturing, “a business model and collection of tactical methods that emphasize eliminating non-value added activities (waste) while delivering quality products on time at least cost with greater efficiency. In the U.S., lean implementation is rapidly expanding throughout diverse manufacturing and service sectors such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, furniture production, and health care as a core business strategy to create a competitive advantage,” (Environmental Protection Agency website).

Thursday June 18
The final day of touring took the attendees to Lester R. Summers Inc., RR Donnelley, and Eurofins Lancaster Labs!

Lester R. Summers, Inc. Trucking provides specialized flatbed transportation, as well as dump hauling services. This third generation family-owned company’s 90-plus trucks and 350 trailers haul over 100 loads per day of concrete, prefab steel, machinery and sand & stone for the concrete and blacktop industries.

The first tour of Day 3 attendees learned about Summers Trucking, the types of transportation they specialize in, and the future of the trucking industry.

RR Donnelley helps organizations communicate more effectively by working to create, manage, produce, distribute and process content on behalf of our customers. The company assists customers in developing and executing multichannel communication strategies that engage audiences, reduce costs, drive revenues and increase compliance

Attendees toured this Fortune 500 Company and one of Lancaster County’s largest employers.

Those on the tour of Donnelley’s Financial Printing Division learned about careers in Prepress, Bindery, Customer Service, Composition/Desktop and Inventory/Shipping.

With over 17,000 employees across more than 200 sites in 36 countries, Eurofins is a leading international group of laboratories, providing testing and support services to the 
pharmaceuticalfood, environmental and consumer products industries.

Attendees of this final tour learned about the history of Lancaster Laboratories, the history of Eurofins, the many divisions of Eurofins within Lancaster Laboratories, and the available careers from entry-level to PhD positions!

STEM Works Industry Tours
- Deb Early, Business Services Liaison at the PA CareerLink of Lancaster, "This is the third year I've had the opportunity to participate in Industry Tours and I love getting to learn about different businesses and how we can get our job seekers prepared for future careers. Each year, once I've learned about a business and what they are looking for, I've come back and been able to share my excitement with our participants. We've then had individuals apply at these companies and they have gotten the jobs. It's great!"

- Jerry Wyble, School Counselor at Conestoga Valley High School, had this to say: “I have been participating in the Industry Tours for the past several years and have enjoyed discovering hidden industry gems that exist in Lancaster County. As a high school counselor, I’m interested in learning about job opportunities in the area and job skills needed by perspective employees. On all the tours I’ve attended, business owners have been excellent hosts by giving of their time, and the time of their employees, to share information about the history of their companies, the products they make, the job opportunities available, and the skills needed by potential employees. I bring this information back to school and share it with students. In addition to possessing the technical skills for a particular job, general themes I’m bringing back to students this year are: the ability to communicate in writing and verbally, the ability to work with others, maintaining a clean criminal history record, and be careful what is posted on social media. Hope Schmids, from the Lancaster County WIB, does excellent work in arranging these tours, and I desire these tours to continue in the coming years. The tours are a relevant way to bring industry into schools by providing the opportunity for educators and career counselors to go into industries.”

- Pamela Terry, School Counselor at McCaskey East High School, “The industry tours are such a great opportunity to directly observe Lancaster County businesses in action. Speaking with the various business representatives about what they are looking for in terms of future employees is so valuable. I take these comments and experiences back to my students at McCaskey High School to help them shape their futures. Being able to explain the differences between a Material Handler at RR Donnelley and an Associate Chemist at Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories is easier when I have actually seen them perform their duties.”

Recruitment Events Next Week

Written by Eric Brobst on Thursday, 25 June 2015 14:08.

Here are the Recruitment Events scheduled for the week of June 29:

Monday, June 29, 10am - 2pm, Reliant Senior Care will be here recruiting various Nursing positions for all shifts. 

Thursday, July 2, 10am - 2pm, Pennsylvania State Police will be here recruiting for law enforcement positions, including numerous civilian positions. 

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