Top 100 Hot Jobs in Lancaster County

As we look to the future, we find lots of information that is available on which jobs are the best ones to pursue. We like the idea of gold collar jobs...high demand, high skill, high pay...because they offer the kind of rewards that people are seeking.

nurseclipboardHow we define demand is kind of tricky. Most projections look at growth or decline of an occupation based on the past trends. We think that you have to look at the future by also including some projection of how occupations will be affected by retirements within the occupation and industry. Projections based on growth and the need for replacement workers are more reliable estimates of future demand.

We have developed a list of the Top 100 Hot Jobs in Lancaster County that you can see here. We will be spotlighting 20 of these jobs every six months until they are all released. Follow the links on the right of this story for the first installment of the Top 100 Hot Jobs in Lancaster County