Becoming a Ready2Work Employer

Ready2Work is our program which assures that the people who we see for services at the PA CareerLink are ready to work. We test their foundational skills and provide enrichment; we coach them on behaviors appropriate for the workplace around attendance, getting along, and being prepared for emergencies; and we provide graduates of our training with a Career Readiness Certificate that indicates that they are ready to work. Click here to see more details about the program.

Our top priority is to ensure that you have the best person for your workforce needs. That is why we encourage all of our job seekers to earn our Ready2Work certification, which is a combination of the National Career Readiness Certificate® and Alchemy. The National Career Readiness Certificate® is made up of three fundamental skill assessments offered by ACT© - Applied Mathematics, Locating Information and Reading for Information. Alchemy is a soft skill training that coaches job seekers in the skills necessary for a great employee.

Employers participate in Ready2Work by talking with a Business Services Representative about the kinds of jobs that they normally hire. We profile the job using O*Net and WorkKeys and provide you with that information so that you and we have a good understanding of your requirements.

At some point, one of our folks will ask you to consider becoming a Ready2Work employer where you guarantee to provide an interview for persons with the profile matching the one for which you are looking in return for getting an interview with a person that is ready to work. We also ask that, if the person works out and you hire them, that you make a contribution of $75 to the PA CareerLink after 90 days of successful employment. It's a win-win across the board.