Metrix Learning

MetrixMetrix Learning is an online training platform, complete with 1000's of course offerings to assist you in upgrading your skills. Metrix courses are self-directed, enabling you to complete the courses at your own pace and on any computer with internet access.   

To view a list of available courses go to Metrix Learning, access to the course content is reserved for approved participants. 

What is the Certification Program?

This certification program allows those who are either unemployed or underemployed to receive training and a certification test. Metrix Learning offer free Electronic Based Training to those qualified and the opportunity to receive certain certification exams, delivered at the PA CareerLink at no cost.

Why is this beneficial?

Certification provides important validation of a candidate's readiness for higher education or for entering the workforce, as well as verifiable credentials for academic and workforce advancement. Certification is also a great way for candidates to distinguish themselves from the crowd by demonstrating valuable skills required for success in today's digital world.

How does this Program work?

All qualified participants will receive a 180-day Metrix Learning license. This license will allow the participant 180 days to complete the required coursework for his or her certification exam. A certification exam voucher is only issued when the participant has completed and passed all coursework with an 80% or higher. Once they have completed and passed with an 80% or higher, they will be issued a voucher and have the ability to take their desired certification exam at no cost at the PA CareerLink. An individual can complete more than one exam, as long as each exam compliments the other. For example multiple Microsoft Office exams (Word, Excel, Access, etc.).

How do you enroll?

Completion of the Ready2Work program may be required for placement in any training program offered by the PA CareerLink. Contact the PA CareerLink Receptionist at (717) 509-5613, ext. 221 to sign up for a Welcome Orientation which begins the process.