Job Search Center

Our very effective Job Search Center is designed to be a comprehensive resource during your job search.

The process begins with a one on one orientation in our Career Resource Center, on a drop in basis. After this orientation, you will need to attend a W.I.O.A. information session to learn more about the eligibility process and see if this program is right for you.  This process generally takes 1 to 2 weeks. Customers are required to meet with Job Search Center staff before entry into this successful program. Call the CareerLink reception desk at 717-509-5613, if you have any questions.

After entering the program, participants are trained in job search techniques for one full week (a 30 hour commitment). Customers are introduced to a job searching model that energizes their efforts. They are guided through exercises to uncover, or rediscover, their marketable talents. Sessions cover a wide range of topics such as researching companies, contacting employers, telephone (cold contacts), networking, interviewing techniques (including filming and class review of practice interviews), follow-up and salary negotiation skills, and applications. Good resumes and cover letters are a key outcome from this basic training.

At the end of the training, staff work with jobseekers to connect with employers by providing job leads, by reinforcing the job search techniques, by facilitating social media and in-person networking possibilities, and by opening access to training and other resources.  

  • Staff members are available to guide, mentor, and encourage customers throughout their job search. Group and individual sessions are held to motivate, instruct, and refresh customers on effective searching techniques. In this setting, job leads are shared every day. Assistance is given to customers who lack current skills in computer literacy.
  • Employer visits are scheduled twice monthly where information about the company and employment practices is shared and discussed. Peer networking groups meet frequently. Helpful tips and support is given to customers in accessing and using social media resources. The Business Services Team works to match customers with current job openings. Customers are situated in a comfortable, fully-equipped environment where group support, interview scheduling successes, and comradery serve to boost morale.
  • Access to current technology including the internet, computers, printers, telephones, a fax, and a copier as well as bond paper and postage are valued features of the program. A wide range of print resources are easily accessible in the center.

Over the years, the Job Search Center (formerly the Job Club) has helped many people to find success in their job search.  Click here for examples.  The Center offers an impressive array of services.  The Center also has a clear idea of the pitfalls involved in job searching, click here for more information.  If you have criminal background in your past, you should take a look at these tips on dealing with criminal backgrounds in your job search by clicking here.

You may also be interested in the way to format various job search documents the way the Jobs Search Center does it.  Here are a number of forms that you can download...

If your job search is at a standstill or if you know that you'll need some structure to get started, the Job Search Center is a great option for 5 to 15 hours per week as you require it.