What You Can Expect


When you come to the PA CareerLink, you will most likely be invited to attend a brief Welcome Orientation, held in our Career Resource Room (CRC), that will cover the full array of services available at the facility.

From this briefing, you may want to:

  • Work with a counselor in the Resource Room to start looking for a job or schedule an appointment with a Reemployment Coach to pursue other job search options
  • Check your work readiness and ability to get a better job by participating in our Ready2Work program and getting a Career Readiness Credential which is highly recommended
  • Get some new skills by enrolling in our Occupational Skill Training, short-term skill-oriented programs offered at the PA CareerLink
  • Get some new knowledge and skills by enrolling in longer term training at local schools and colleges

If you have been referred to the Employment Advancement and Retention Network (EARN) program from the County Assistance Office, you can speak directly with a Career Advisor.

Some of these programs are supported with government funding which requires that you meet certain eligibility criteria. The counselor at the orientation will tell you about those requirements and what you need to do. Most people coming into the PA CareerLink are asked to register on the JobGateway.

You will need to take the initiative in moving into and through these programs but there are lots of people to help you along the way.