Are You Ready2Work?

As the modern workplace is reinvented by technology and becomes increasingly more complicated, employers are asking for more skills and more knowledge from workers at every level. Folks coming into the workforce today not only need a good work record but also must have...

  • Basic skills in reading, applied mathematics, using information from charts and graphs, and computer operations
  • A good work ethic that includes regular attendance
  • The ability to get along with other employees and customers and
  • Some hard skills that make a person more employable such as the use of certain computer programs, basic welding skills, knowledge of food safety and sanitation, and others.

Ready2Work is a program of the PA CareerLink of Lancaster County which helps you understand the assets you bring to the job market, how those skills can become a stepping stone to a better job, and how to present yourself to employers in a way that makes your job search more effective


Check Your Work Readiness

When you come to the PA CareerLink, you will most likely be involved first in a half hour orientation that will cover the full array of services available at the facility. A counselor will encourage you to take an assessment that will examine your math, reading, and observation skills (WorkKeys) as well as a tool to help you decide what jobs most interest you (O*Net).

You can begin the process in the same way at a variety of other sites throughout the community... like the Spanish-American Civic Association.

This assessment process will help you evaluate your skills and where they stand in relation to the skills required by employers for particular jobs. Our listing of hundreds of jobs will help you to see job requirements and decide what further training you may need.

Brush Up Your Skills

Most people need some brushing up on their skills as well as a reminder of the good work habits that make a successful employee. Our WIN enrichment program and our Conover workplace success training allow you to work on those skills while qualifying for a Career Readiness Credential that is endorsed by the PA CareerLink, the Lancaster County Workforce Development Board, and The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industy. This document assures employers that you have the skills that they require.

The Ready2Work Certification is a combination of the National Career Readiness Certificate® and Conover. The National Career Readiness Certificate® is made up of 3 fundamental skill assessments offered by ACT© Applied Mathematics, Locating Information and Reading for Information. Conover is a soft skill training which emphasizes key skills necessary for successful employment. For more information, click here.

Look for a Job after  Ready2Work

Many people enroll in the Job Search Center where your fellow jobseekers and experienced job search coaches will help you to produce a resume, get ready to have good interviews, and show you how to maximize your job search.

Get Some New Skills

You may also choose to add other credentials to your Career Readiness Credential to fill out your skills portfolio.  

More extensive skills training may be available through an Individual Training Account (ITA) for which you will need to provide some proof of eligibility. The PA CareerLink will work with you on completing the paperwork and determining whether you qualify. ITAs fund occupations such as certified nursing assistant, licensed practical nurses, truck drivers, information technology workers, and others at area educational institutions.