PA CareerLink® of Lancaster County was formed in 2000 when 14 employment, social service, and educational organizations agreed to work together as one entity at its current Liberty Place location. The PA CareerLink® is the connecting link betweeen hundreds of County residents who come to the PA CareerLink® weekly to search for jobs, upgrade their skills, and look for new careers and Lancaster County businesses that want to hire them...but the PA CareerLink is much more than just a job-finding service.

For Jobseekers

People who come to the PA CareerLink® can use a variety of services...some free and some with a small fee.

  • Use the Internet to search for a job
  • Create your own resume, print it out, and copy it
  • Work on your interviewing skills
  • Use the telephone to start a job search
  • Talk with a career counselor about your career objectives
  • Get information about careers
  • Take a skill assessment and aptitute test on the road to becoming Ready2Work
  • Work on your basic skills like reading, writing, and math
  • Improve your English
  • Study for and take your GED exam
  • Apply for cash and medical assistance, food stamps and child health programs
  • Improve your keyboarding skills
  • Learn to find your way around a computer

In addition, the PA CareerLink® works with you to improve your foundational (reading, analytical, and math) skills as well as your workplace behavior practices and offers a Career Readiness Credential based on your performance on the WorkKeys assessment system and your participation in the Ready2Work program. Additional pre-employment training in pre-allied health, construction, welding, forklift driving, assembly, printing, and other hard skill areas is offered.


For Employers

Helping employers find qualified workers has always been a part of our mission. Today, technology has allowed us to do labor exchange in a very different way. PA CareerLink® sees 250 new people in addition to hundreds of visits from returning jobseekers each week. Our potential workers include folks who are looking for a better job, people who have lost their jobs through dislocations, and prospective employees who are entering the workforce for the first time.

We also provide...

  • Listing of job openings to potential employees
  • Promotion of Lancaster County companies as good places to work at www.jobs4lancaster.com
  • Information on key occupations within the workforce
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Interviewing space for employers at the PA CareerLink®
  • Connections with hundreds of job seekers each week