on 21 March 2013.

It's no secret that job searching has taken to the internet. Most employers have gone the way of online job application collection and emailed resume submissions. Navigating this technical job search method can feel impersonal, as you hit "send" and rely on your flat documents to communicate the full breadth of your experience and qualifications. Given the current prominence of the internet in job searching, it is important to have a solid résumé and an understanding of job search engines (technology used by those websites you use to find the jobs).

We will delve more into the nuances of a résumé in our next article, but for now keep in mind the résumé is your opportunity to sell yourself. Make sure the résumé is selling your skills and work-related accomplishments; poor grammar will hinder the sale.

Navigating the world of online job search engines and job boards can be daunting and lead you to spending an inordinate amount of time lost in cyber-world. To boil down the job search world into a more palatable format, the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry has developed a website for job-matching. JobGateway, the name for this website, is a user-friendly system for publishing your job experience and presenting it in a standard format to employers.

Home Screen

1. Create a profile. Be sure to use capitalization and good grammar as employers notice these things and mistakes can quickly derail your chances.

Profile Screen

2. Create your job preferences. This will enable employers to search your profile for skills that match their open positions.

Job Preferences

3. Check the box. When conducting a search of the jobs on JobGateway, try a search where you check the box for "Only display jobs from registered employers:" These are employers that are verified by the PA CareerLink Business Services Team and there are a number of reasons why this is a helpful way to focus your search-

    • When this box is not checked you are receiving job postings from a variety of job boards, which have not been verified by the Business Services Team. When applying for these "unverified" jobs, you will leave the secure JobGateway website and be directed to the website of the job board posting the position. While the vast majority of these postings are legitimate positions, only the Registered Employer positions have been verified by our Business Services Team.
    • Furthermore, many of the positions we post are with companies that we have a working relationship with and JobGateway may be the only site where the position is posted.
    • Finally, because the system limits the viewable open job postings to 500, running a general search in Lancaster County without checking the box will capture so many open positions that it will usually only allow you to view jobs that have been posted within the last five to eight days. This makes it very likely that you are missing some of our recent postings from employers ready to hire! Checking the box ensures that you will see all of our postings from registered employers.

Registered Employer screenshop

Creating your JobGateway profile is just one of many ways to begin your job search. As we have mentioned in earlier articles, networking, in addition to applying through online job boards, is key to finding your next job. Attend a Career Planning Seminar to learn about the Job Search Center program at the PA CareerLink, which highlights effective methods for networking your way to your next job.